Possibly the fastest way to discover how a given operation is carried out is to watch a video where some other individual defines the right moves you need to make. This is valid particularly if you get a new hosting account without having used this sort of service yet, or if you’ve used a hosting platform with some other account administration console and are not used to the way in which accounts are administerd on the new one. A video tutorial can show you the easiest and fastest way to carry out a given operation in your hosting account, sparing you the effort of exploring different options till you find the one that you need, or of reading lengthy knowledge base articles, which can sometimes be ambiguous as to where you need to go and what you need to click.

Video Tutorials in Web Hosting

All our web hosting services feature an in-house created hosting Control Panel, which is an exceptionally simple and intuitive to use, which suggests that you will not have any difficulties doing anything you want. Nonetheless, we've compiled an elaborate video repository that includes heaps of tutorial movies devoted to each single section of the Control Panel and the functions that you can access through it. If you want to discover how to set up a brand new MySQL database or to set another PHP version, for instance, you can see the specific steps you have to take. We’ve gone the extra mile – we’ve shot a number of informational videos as well so as to offer you a hint as to what error and access logs are, or what system load is, for instance. You can browse through all the available tutorials whenever you like, or you can see only the ones that are related to a given Control Panel section.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included in our semi-dedicated servers services is exceptionally user-friendly, but to make it even more easier to use, we’ve made tens of instructive videos, which will show you how you can do practically everything. Setting up a new e-mail box, changing your web hosting account’s PHP version, redirecting a site with an .htaccess configuration file or exporting a MySQL database are only a few examples of the topics that the tutorials encompass. When you visit a specific Control Panel section, you’ll see all relevant video tutorials for it. In case you would like to browse through all the available videos, you can access them through the shortcut, which is located at the bottom of Hepsia’s homepage and when you’re there, you’ll be able to see not only demos of various functions and features, but also informational video clips that will introduce you to topics like “What are error and access log files?” or “What is CPU load?”.